5 Ways to Reduce the Fabrication Cost

Successful businessmen think of innovative ways to reduce expenses and maximise their profits. If they put the cap on five important factors, it is possible to reduce the expenses. Surprised? Let us explain this concept with this blog which focuses on 5 ways to reduce the fabrication cost. To make the reader understand with ease, we have focused on sheet metal fabrication.

Many industries use the sheet metal fabrication process to create durable customised parts. The preference may be, also because of its cost-effectiveness. Also, it adheres to both types of production – ranging from single prototypes to large scale runs. Usually, the process gets used to manufacture components of cars & space rockets. It is also used to manufacture components of home appliances such as air conditioners.

5 Ways to Reduce The Fabrication Cost (Sheet Metal)

1. Seek Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer Advice

You are a buyer or sourcing professional. Or, you are the CEO of a company. There is a need to manufacture a component via the process of sheet metal fabrication. Do you want a reduction in expenses? Then let us give the best way. Please note, you may have a brilliant business idea. But, the manufacturer is proficient in his/her job. Engage the manufacturer to have his say on your product design and other aspects. He will help manufacture the product with the same requirements. But you can expect a reduction in operational costs.

These days, the manufacturer suppliers go out of their way to accommodate new possibilities based on client recommendations. This is one among the best 5 ways to reduce the fabrication cost, when it comes to sheet metal production.

2. Select Relevant Material

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication process, material choice assumes importance. The reason, the cost of parts differs depending on the raw material. Have you selected a material that the manufacturer will find difficulty to bring the desired design? Yes? Then please note, he has to make use of sophisticated equipment, then you need to bear the charges. Also take care to select a manufacturer who buys material directly from the mills in bulk. This can help in reduction of expenses when it comes to manufacturing your product.

3. Common Gauge Design

Does your product have a design that needs manufacturing from non-common gauges? Then, you will incur higher charges. The trick is to choose standard sheet gauges and to-be-product sizes as per the normal range. Then, you have to pay only the charges as per the market trends. You can have a talk with the sheet metal fabricator to know the standard gauges that can serve the purpose.

4. Opt for Simple Design

If your product design is more complicated, then you need to pay more charges. There will be no opportunities to bargain on the same. If you want to bring down your costs, ensure to opt for bends with simple angles. If the sheet metal is thicker, then the harder it becomes to bend as per the desired shape. So, the manufacturer has to depend on labour-intensive methods. His employees may have to do more complex tasks to design your parts. Opting for simple angle products, you can consider as one among the best 5 ways to reduce the fabrication cost.

Let us assume, you want to introduce a new product to the market. This product can solve a major problem of the target audience. Then, it is better to opt for complicated designs. You can include features such as embossments, chamfered edges, bridge lances, machined pockets as well as blind holes. Yes, you may have to make a high investment. But, the profits by means of higher sales and earning a good name will sustain your business for a long time.

5. Selecting the Right Manufacturer for your Project

You may have the best idea to manufacture a new product. You may also have the expected budget and an in-house digital marketing team to take your business to greater heights. But, there is a challenge. You have to outsource the sheet metal fabrication job to a third party service provider. Then, the challenge lies in selecting the best manufacturing or machining workshop. If you err in choosing the right set-up, then time & money gets wasted. Your business reputation will be at stake.

So, what is the best way to search and hire the right manufacturing set-up within a short time? There is an easy method. Enrol yourself for free as a buyer in custom manufacturing marketplaces. This digital platform will have thousands of

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And more.

What are the Benefits?

You can contact industry leaders, small to medium sheet metal fabrication workshops in India with ease. With the help of customised Request for Quotation template, you can put down your requirements. Then, you can send them to the concerned sheet metal fabrication companies in India. You will be able to judge their skills/capabilities. You can take time to hire them for your industrial project.

With patience, you can then compare the prices on the quotations. If needed, conduct a bidding session. Please note, custom manufacturing marketplaces may have a dedicated support team. They can help you in every stage of the searching & hiring process till the last stage of product delivery. Kindly ensure to choose a company that has the best & recent sheet metal fabrication equipment and a professional team. These qualities will help you when it comes to product delivery on time. One of the best 5 ways to reduce the fabrication cost with ease.


Do you feel satisfied with our 5 ways to reduce the fabrication cost? There are other ways such as checking if the sheet metal fabrication company has automated processes, choosing a localised sheet metal shop that is in tandem with your requirements, maintaining tight tolerances etc. Have we left out any other way? If yes, kindly put a comment in the Reviews section.

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