Benefits of Using Precision CNC machines

There are many outside the manufacturing field who have heard the name of CNC machines. But little do they know its importance as well as the benefits of precision CNC machines. If expanded to full form, CNC means Computer Numerical Control. Manufacturers, manufacturer suppliers, custom parts manufacturers and other businesses use precision CNC machines for various purposes. This is because of the advantages CNC machines offer in comparison with other traditional methods.

CNC Machine Process

This machine makes use of specially designed software to manage the cutting tools. In order to initiate the process, an experienced manufacturing engineer has to upload the component (digital model or file) of the specific component via CAD or CAM system. The further task is taken care of by the CNC code (G-Code). The engineer then has to command the CNC machine with instructions such as –

  • The specific angle or degree to perform actions such as cutting/drilling
  • The speed to perform the activity
  • Parts of the machinery that needs to work together to complete the tasks
  • Pace on the way the raw materials has to get uploaded to the machine

Types of Precision CNC Machines

There are different types. It is mainly, depending on their composition. There are CNC systems which have many tools for various purposes functioning as a single unit. Then there are other tools which can work on only one component. Basically, CNC machines get divided into major types – lathes, turning, electrical discharging, drilling and milling. A drill spins continuously to remove the unwanted parts. The process of a lathe is to move the material towards the drill. In milling, the tools chip away unwanted materials.

Raw Materials

Precision CNC Machining tools use the raw materials mentioned in this paragraph. Stainless steel, ceramic, graphite, plastic, aluminium, Nitronic, Tungsten, Titanium, Ni 200, Kovar, bronze, acrylics, metals, woods, thermoplastics & foams are only few of the materials used in this industry.


The common tools are saws, grinders, milling machines, lathes etc. But honourable mentions have to be made of 2-axis, 3-axis machines. Sometimes even 5-axis and 6-axis machines are also used. However, the end processes may vary. In some cases, robotics/photochemical processes also gets used to produce accurate parts. Please take note, the CNC machines & tools will differ based on the raw material and manufacturing applications.

Benefits of using CNC Precision Machines

A look at the topic, and you can easily make a guess. The term ‘precision’ means accuracy. Manufacturers, manufacturing suppliers, CNC machine service providers can manufacture complex design products/components. End products will accurately match the buyer or sourcing professional’s needs. This is one of the major benefits of using CNC precision machines. This type of accuracy was not possible via the old or traditional methods at a cost-effective budget.

1. Free from Human Error

In the olden days, when a product got manufactured by hand, then there were chances of errors. But with precision CNC machines, it is possible to get the same size and shape of even complex components. The reason, these machines make use of precision tools, model references, blue print design software to produce identical, faultless components.

Some industries need component parts with tight tolerances. Example, aerospace and medical fields. If the product does come to the desired shape, then the equipment may not function.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Precision CNC Machines As A Manufacturer?

With CNC, you can produce a minimal number of products. Or you can go for large scale production with minimum resources (the wastage will be less). This is one of the major benefits of using precision CNC machines.

2. Lesser Workforce

The entire technology works on computer software, and can operate at high speeds. So, a lesser workforce is needed as there is no requirement of manual workforce. Also, some CNC machines can work for two to three days without a break. So, when there is an improvement in productivity, the businesses can meet more than the market expectations. Manufacturing experts opine this aspect as one among the major benefits of using precision CNC machines.

3. Safety Issues

The issues in CNC precision machines are a complete closure of the machining process. Or, there may be a technical problem. However, this aspect is related only to machines, and not a safety issue for the human workforce. The machines may have safety panels, emergency stop measures (buttons) and other inbuilt features to ensure safety of humans. This is one among the major benefits of using precision CNC machines.

4. Manufacturing Cost

When a manufacturer uses lesser work materials with a low workforce, he can make a profit. You can achieve the same result, if you are a buyer (sourcing professional) or a company owner. Instead of manufacturing the product, you can outsource the need to a third party precision CNC machine service provider. Are you worried about searching and hiring the best CNC machine partner for your industrial project? Get registered as a Buyer (free option) on custom manufacturing marketplaces such as You can easily search and hire the concerned company with ease. There are also other benefits of custom manufacturing marketplaces. You can check the link to know the bouncy castle

One major benefit of outsourcing to a CNC machine supplier is saving on operating and manufacturing costs. You do not have to spend on software licenses and equipment. The same goes for maintenance of machines etc. You just have to pay for the manufacturing service.

5. Versatility

You can reprogram a precision CNC machine to manufacture a new product within a short time. The best example is Automated Tool Changers.


Are you a manufacturer whose company manufactures products with respect to milling, turning and lathe machines? Then to sustain in the industry and opt for better profits, it is better to invest on precision CNC machines. The move will definitely become a game-changer for your company. It will also allow you to manufacture products/components with tight tolerances.

Industries that make use of Precision CNC Machines:

  • Companies producing Surgical Instruments
  • Companies involved in Wind mill components
  • Marine industry
  • Automotive sectors
  • Dental field
  • Companies offering CNC milling services in India
  • Manufacturing Workshops offering CNC Lathe machine services in India
  • Companies offering CNC Turning services in India
  • Machining Suppliers in India
  • Custom parts manufacturers in India

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