Investment Casting

The investment casting vendors listed on Vendosmart’s custom manufacturing market place make use of recent cutting edge technologies in equipment, CNC machine tools to design metal cast components from various non-ferrous and ferrous alloys.

Our process is designed to ensure you a world-class buying experience from the initial stage of searching the right vendor to the delivery of products before the deadline.

Investment Casting

What is

Investment Casting?

The term ‘investment’ carries a different meaning in the manufacturing context. It means “surrounded.” This process gets completed by using shells that are composed of either plastic, plaster, ceramic that gets created all over the wax pattern. This pattern gets removed by the melting process via a furnace. Molten metal gets poured inside the shell and casting is formed.

For procurement buyers, sourcing professionals and even design engineers, investment casting comes across as the best process to produce parts/products with high consistencies and minimum errors. This process also reduces energy used in machinery as well as materials. Also, the components manufactured by this process can be used easily for the assembly section in various industries.

Investment Casting services

The investment casting service vendors on Vendosmart’s list are not only verified, but they follow the best industry practices (methodical approach) with continuous improvement in the manufacturing process to produce unpredictable and accurate parts as per the need. They are also experienced in performing secondary operations (if needed) on the metal parts/components via processes such as surface treatment, finish machining as well as heat treatment.

Bringing Complex Design Ideas to Reality

If you want a component with thin walls, ranging from 0.4 mm with a minimum tolerance of 0.076 mm, investment casting is the option. The main reason, this process gets used to produce accurate, undercuts, high definition and complex smooth surface components in sports equipment, aerospace, firearms, gas/oil industry, electrical instrumentation, energy industry, food services, General Engineering, pumps/valves (manufacturing) as well as medical devices.

The end product of investment casting may be light weight, possess complex design features or complicated profiles. This process allows a design engineer to create parts/components with holes, slots of net shape/ approximately near net shape parts.

If the project requires, our vendors also make use of 3D printed wax pattern (rapid prototyping) to create the special mould and then produce the end product.

Our investment casting service vendors in India have completed many projects that involved the creation of casting components with error free tolerance that have matched international standards.

Types of

Investment Casting

There are various types of investment casting followed in the globe. Our vendors are skilled in every type, and they are proficient in completing processes (but not limited to) :

The products produced from fabrication gets used in

Our vendors (investment casting service companies in India) have the necessary resources and equipment to produce components ranging from grams to more than 20 kgs. The materials used for investment casting include different grades of steel, carbon steel, super alloys and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum etc).

Rework & Additional Services (Secondary Operations)

Our vendors stay compliant with the strict procedures of every industry and produce components with the best dimensional tolerances that cannot be done with other methods. They manufacture end-products that can be readily fit into assembly segments. They use various types of secondary processes (usually surface finish) on the component such as

Investment Casting vendors

Testing for Quality End Products

To ensure the end product to be delivered satisfies your requirement, Vendosmart’s vendors have put forth a series of in-house quality checking as well as testing services. Some quality checks that are followed by our vendors to check product quality, as well as process stability, include

Our vendors offer the best sourcing and manufacturing solutions when it comes to investment casting services. They can manufacture any component/part/product of various shapes, weights and capacities as per your engineering and industrial needs at cost-effective prices in the market.

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