Metal Injection Moulding

Our vendors provide multi-special metal injection moulding services in India to various industrial sectors at cost-effective rates. Armed with the recent machining software and high-end technology tools, our service providers are capable of preparing small, medium and even intricate metal injection moulding components (of different shapes, sizes and weights) that cater to industries such as sports, automotive, dental, medical and mobile phone.

They (metal injection moulding service providers in India) work on mainly ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, but if needed, can also work on other materials as per your need. 

Metal Injection Moulding

What is

Metal Injection Moulding?

As per the manufacturing industry standards, metal injection moulding or MIM is the process where finely powdered metal gets mixed with binder material to craft a feedstock. This combination material is then designed, solidified by making use of the injection moulding process via a single step. The last step involves the conditioning operations so that the binder gets removed and the powder gets densified.

Metal Injection Moulding

Benefits of Metal Injection Moulding

There are four steps to metal injection moulding:

If rework is needed, then secondary operations (plating/coating/welding as well as cold working techniques) become necessary. This process also involves the changing of chemistries in raw materials before transformation to the end products.

Materials used in Metal Injection Moulding Process

There are various materials that are used in the metal injection moulding process.
They usually fall into the four categories:

Ferrous alloys

Special ferrous alloys (Kovar/Invar), tool steels, general steels, iron-nickel alloys, stainless steels and others.

Special materials

Particulate composites, titanium alloys, molybdenum copper, nickel-base super alloys, cobalt-chromium, copper, low alloy steel & precious metals.

Hard Materials

Cermets (Fe-TiC), cemented carbides (WC-Co)

Tungsten Alloys

Tungsten Copper/Tungsten Heavy Alloys.

Surface Finishes

If needed, our vendors are capable of manufacturing components of various densities. They can use secondary operations such as

Metal Injection Moulding

Are you worried, you do not see the raw materials as per your industrial need? Search for the requisite vendors, and contact them. They will be able to manufacture your components within the specified time.

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