Precision Machining

Every precision machining service provider in India whose name is on the vendor list of Vendosmart has gone through the strict verification process regarding their capabilities. Our list consists of reputed precision machining vendors in India who can produce premium type tight tolerance products, parts, components from various materials by using modern technology applications as per international standards.

As a buyer, you can get your desired product completed in a short time right from prototyping to end-scale production. They can work on hand-drawings to 3D CAD as well as CAM files and prepare even casting and forged parts.

Precision Machining

What is

Precision Machining?

This process involves the removal of raw, unwanted, excessive materials from the work
finish to create the accurate product as per your (buyer) need. There are various types of processes involved such as

And others by making use of CNC tools and equipment.

Precision Machining

Our vendors (manufacturing workshops offering precision machining services in India) are well-equipped with the recent technologies. As per the needs of your project, raw materials, they use the relevant precision machining equipment and methods. Some methods and equipment they use to deliver the end products within the deadline are lathes, drill presses, saws, grinders, milling machines (2-Axis to 5-Axis) and robotic processes to complete the task. Many among them have completed projects ranging from small scale tasks to mass production.

The precision machining vendors in India on our database follow four core principles while working on your project:

Let us now focus on the core aspects of our vendors’ capabilities:

1. Metals

Other Materials

2. Plastics (Engineered & Basic)

Production Tools Used

Product Sizes

Our vendors have the resources and capabilities to produce any component ranging from 0.6 mm to more than 4500 mm. The end product gets designed to tight tolerances that can be achieved till 0.006 mm.

Files Worked on

Quality Checking Tools used

Secondary Operations include

1. Surface Finish

2. Heat Treatment

Our Vendors have completed projects for various industries. So, they are well-aware of the challenges that come with every project. Some industries our vendors cater to are

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