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AI-Powered Sourcing Solution for Manufacturing companies

B2B saas enabled marketplace for manufacturing

ProQsmart is a comprehensive procurement platform that provides manufacturing companies with a seamless procurement experience.

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How it works

Our Simple Procurement Process
Our platform helps you identify the right suppliers and request quotes.
Once you've selected a supplier,Proqsmart makes it easy to create and issue purchase orders.
Our platform tracks delivery and provides real-time updates, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled on time.
Proqsmart streamlines the invoicing process, making it easy to pay suppliers and manage your accounts.


AI Powered Vendor Recommendation
Login-less Updates (No Login Required)
Price Discovery (Get Lower Prices)
Live Order Tracking
Vendor & Team Collaboration
Reverse & Live Bidding
Deshpande Startups Startup Incubated At
K-Tech Government Of Karnataka
Winner Elevate 2021 Grant
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Vishal Patil Founder & CEO

Press coverage

India has set a benchmark in catering to the diversified domestic manufacturing need with its talent pool of engineers empowered by technological evolution. However, the manufacturing sector is fragmented and the already established businesses or startups face difficulty in sourcing the right vendors in order to yield growth. Moreover, midsize companies need to expand their vendor base in order to grow while managing their existing supply chain.

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