Sheet Metal Fabrication

The sheet metal fabrication vendors on Vendosmart’s buyer services list combine their years of engineering experience with cutting edge technologies and market
knowledge to produce customised stampings.

They can work on any type of fabrication processes such as bending, stretching, shearing, punching, spinning, drawing, prototyping, as well as flanging. They can fabricate products into any custom shape and size by using materials of copper, aluminum and steel alloys.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

What is

Sheet Metal Fabrication?

This process involves the cutting and formation of the required shape and size parts from metal sheets. The main purpose of this process is to create the best quality ever durable products and parts.

Our vendors have recent industry equipment with software as well as quality checking programs to transform stock materials into specific metals parts as per the need.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Metal Stamping & Forming Processes

  1. Deep Draw stamping – used to prepare cylindrically as well as axisymmetric
  2. Prototype & Short Run stamping – Used for preparing punched metal parts
  3. Transfer Press stamping – Makes use of one press to operate various tools
  4. Progressive Die stamping – Used to create components that can cater to various industries


Secondary Metal Finishing Services

  1. Anodizing – Used to improve Corrosion resistance. This process is also used in cosmetic surface finishes
  2. Black Oxide – To prevent corrosion resistance, black oxide is used as a coating finish
  3. Annealing – This process makes the metal flexible. Its Hardness gets reduced.
  4. Chrome plating – This process is used to make the metal look attractive. Cosmetic finishes can make the metal have a smooth surface.
  5. Cadmium Plating – This process helps the end product develop not only Corrosion resistance but also other properties
  6. Passivation – This process is used mainly for corrosion prevention
  7. Gold & Silver Plating – Used in Cosmetic finishes to make the product develop corrosion resistance
  8. Zinc Plating – This process gets mainly used to prevent oxidation and develop Corrosion resistance.
  9. Heat Treating – Used to improve durability and performance
  10. Powder Coating – This process can not only make the product look attractive but also increase durability
  11. Tin Plating – Though used in some industries, it involves the usage of electricity to deposit tin on the product to improve solderability and corrosion resistance.

Industries & Applications

  1. Electronics – Electronic components, telecom, connectors, server, computer and data communications
  2. Marine – The use of sheet metal fabrication stampings include couplings, connectors, covers, fittings, enclosures, covers, caps and housings
  3. Medical – Probe & surgical devices, motors, medical products, equipment and
  4. Automotive – Vehicle parts, accessories, components and sub-systems
  5. Aerospace – Metal fittings, electronic hardware, electronic components, sub-
    assemblies & couplings
  6. Lighting – Electrical devices used for interior and exterior applications
  7. Construction – Different types of metal and hardware components

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