Tips to minimize manufacturing cost of CNC products

CNC machining occupies a major role when it comes to manufacturing of accurate parts. However, businesses still look towards various methods to cut down on expenses.  You may plan a single prototype product or a component for large scale production. To cut down costs, you need to concentrate on the design. This blog will give you the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products.

1. Machining Time

If the process time is longer to manufacture a part, then it becomes more expensive. So, opt for a design that gets finished in less time. For example, if you need a product with thin walls & holes at certain points. , then the process may take time. Also, in CNC machining it is possible to manufacture products with low machine speeds. This activity also makes the buyer or sourcing professional incur higher charges.

2. Material Cost

The raw material can also impact the cost. You need to optimise the product design as per the raw material nature. If your design has to get manufactured with challenges, then the cost will be more. Aluminum 6061 is the preferred material in CNC machines. However, there are other materials such as

  • Stainless Steel 303
  • Brass C360
  • Nylon 6
  • Stainless Steel 304
  • Aluminum 7075
  • PEEK
  • POM (Delrin)
  • ABS

Do you want a product that needs large scale production with end results of durability? Then opt for Stainless Steel 303 & Brass C360. If you want a plastic product, then Acetal (Delrin) and the other two (Nylon & ABS) are the preferred choices. However, when it comes to the machining process, these products are tough. The manufacturing cost becomes higher. So, the trick is to choose the raw material in bulk. It should be purchased at a lower cost, especially for small scale production. This method is considered one among the top tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products.

Please note, you can choose raw materials (soft quality). They can get easily cut and moulded to the desired shape with simple CNC machines. Does the raw material contain hazardous substances? Then, other than cost, safety precautions also drive up the cost.

3. Surface Finishes

Some end products require the surface to have a special design. This called for more steps and can drive the costs to a higher level. So, you can minimise the costs by opting for a lesser surface finish. There is another method – opt for the as-machined finish for the end product.

Factors that can hike the cost for Surface Finishes

Does your end product require heat treatment? Or special coatings? Or does it have to go through the anodizing process? Then it will add up to the cost.

If you have a product which requires a 90 degree sharp corner, then the process gets complex. The machines have to stop, the parts have to go through a complete round and it has to happen every time. This can drive the costs high.

Do you want the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products? Then, you can make the corners rounded. It is better to have the same radii for every corner.

4. Tight Tolerances

If your part or product requires a tight tolerance, then it can add to the cost. This is because the machine has to run for a longer time. Also, the end product has to go through quality control. Does your product need a special design required on the internal part? Example – holes and cavities. Then burrs can develop on the edges. So, the next step is to remove the unwanted edges. The manufacturer has to perform the deburring process that can drive up the cost.

5. Product with Thin Walls

It is well-known that thin walled products get preference in many industries. But the cost is high. The production has to happen with precision as fractures can happen. So opt for a product with thick walls. It is better to opt for sheet metal fabrication if you want to manufacture a product with thin walls.

6. Drill Sizes

You want to design a new component that can make an impact in the market. However, the component has holes. So, you outsource the project to a reputed company offering CNC machine services in India. They will use drill bits to complete the task. Are the holes in your component design, the standard drill sizes or tap hole sizes? Then, you will get the normal service charges. If they are of non-standard sizes, then the CNC machine service provider has to use the end mill tool. The change will make you get higher charges in the final bill.

The two factors that can add cost to the tap holes are the tap size as well as size depth. Do you want to reduce the cost of your component? Then, let it contain the standard drill size and tap hole sizes.

7. Designing Complex Parts

You are a sourcing professional. Your company has outsourced a project of machining a component. Now the component has a complex design. Let us assume it is one with intricate geometries. The CNC turning service provider in India, whom the project is outsourced, gives a call. To manufacture the component; he needs to make use of a multi-axis CNC system. The reason, the component has to get manually rotated. Then, there are other procedures such as repositioning the component. The process may even need custom fixtures. The process may also require the use of multiple machines. Also, products with complex geometries need changes of programming, changes in fixturing and changes in set-up of CNC machines.

These factors will hike the manufacturing cost of CNC products.

What should be your advice?

Just check if there is a way to split the components to more than two parts. Then you can assemble them to design the component. You can reduce the final cost when you break the component into parts. Then you can go for the final shape production. Adopting this method is one of the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products.                                                           

8. Ask the Engineering Team to Design Products with proper Width-to-Depth Ratio

Does your product have small features? Does it always contain a high width-to-height ratio? Then, the manufacturing process becomes a challenge. The reason, if the machine vibrates, then it can result in faulty products. The CNC machine service provider will charge a higher rate for precise manufacturing of your component. So, it is advisable to choose a ratio (width-to-height) which has a numerical quantity of less than four.

9. Ordering Components in Bulk

If you order more parts, then you can reduce the charges for CNC machining prices. Does your order amounts to more than 10,000 CNC machining components? Then the process can become cost-effective. Your delivery time also counts. If you want the products to get delivered in two to three days, the costs will go high. So, kindly opt for a delivery time that spans across two to three weeks.

10. Accurate Design

We should have put this topic at the first point in this blog of the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products. The reason, if the design contains errors, then the end product becomes useless. You need to manufacture the product again. So, it can lead to wastage of time and money.

What Should You Do?

You need to have a session with an experienced manufacturer or design engineer. These professionals can analyse and identify errors in the design. If needed, they can make suggestions regarding the surface finishes, geometries and more. Their suggestions can help reduce the cost. In all, their experience can help you get an end product that satisfies your manufacturing needs and also cut down costs.

11. Hiring the Right Manufacturer

This blog, no doubt, gives information on the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products. Yes, the information is on complex geometries, width-to-height ratio and more. However, if you need a product with the mentioned factors, then go for it. The best part is finding the right CNC machining company in India. They should have the necessary resource & a skilled team. But the most important factor is delivery on time. Now, what is the best way to search and hire such service providers?

12. Top Method to Hire the Right CNC Machine Company in India

Kindly register as a buyer on custom manufacturing marketplaces such as Vendosmart. You will get many benefits of enrolling in these marketplaces. They have software features to properly navigate through thousands of CNC machining service provider profiles. You can contact the relevant manufacturers who can cater to your needs. Also, there are other features such as customised Request for Quotation template, a support team, bidding software to help find the right service provider, accounting software (tally) and more.

Hiring the right CNC turning or CNC milling service provider can prove to be a game-changer. The reason, if you have selected the right company, the end product will meet the requirements. Also, you can relax as there will be no need for micro-management.

We sincerely hope you garnered valuable information on this blog on the best tips to minimise manufacturing cost of CNC products.  Have we left out a specific point? If so, kindly inform us by putting a comment in the Reviews section.

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