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What is

Fabrication Process?

In industry terms, fabrication means the process (one or more) of producing or designing a product from raw or semi-finished materials. When it comes to metal fabrication, it can also mean the process of joining two or three metal parts to get the desired shape.


Operations in Fabrication


As the name suggests, the process involves the cutting of raw materials, mainly metal. The metals may be cut into smaller sections (or half/third) to prepare another product as per your need. This process is performed by using various machining tools ranging from plasma torches to lasers, CNC equipment, PUG cutting and other equipment


This process involves the combination of more tools as it involves the combination of two or more metal parts. The types of parts used can be different metal shapes, metal panels, metal rods, metal sheets or metal bars. Some processes and tools used are Boom, SMAW, SAW, MIG and others.


This type involves a complicated process where the shape of the metal has to get altered to the desired angle. Our vendors offering fabrication services in India have the high tech tools and equipment to produce the parts by folding fabrication.


To get the design on the product as per the need, the machining process is used to remove excess pieces of metal through the scraping method. Usually, this activity happens on the lathe machine.


If the project requires the metal to go through long cuts, then the process is called shearing.

There are three types:


In this process, molten metal gets poured into a specific mould. Then the mould is left untouched so that the molten metal gets solidified into the desired shape part.


If there is a need for a metal component with holes, then a drilling machine is used (punching process).


This process makes use of a die to raise the portions of the metal sheet. Though this process is similar to punching, it is not meant for creating a hole.

The other processes that come under fabrication

The other processes that come under fabrication

The products produced from fabrication gets used in

Rework (Secondary Operations)

Different types of surface finish processes are used such as


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